August 31

i did nothing in the morning / afternoon but chill in my apartment. Then work at 5:30 so i showed up at 4:45 lol i didnt wanna be late. talk about being awksauce at work. everyone was so nice!!
i was being trained with another girl named Amber from MIchigan.. maybe? Ill check on that. But she’s super cool! and well andrew was training the two of us on beverage island. HORROR! lol no it easy cause they had like 8 of us on island duty so we just cleaned and chatted and learned the ropes. it was sooo sticky. haha but andrew and amber were super fun and amazing to work with! we got done at 2:45. then home and a beautiful man called me miss jessica at the security check point :,)

August 30th

Whooooppssss. Ive been working/ sleeping / not really doing anything else!
After awakening with any alarms!! i headed off to steffies GORGEOUS casa in the middle of a beautiful development. I met her amazing and adorable mother! THEN ventures to fro yo and shopping at the outlets. God bless the croc store. Unfortunately i didn’t buy any lol
The i hung out with stephanie and i don’t really remember what else happened lol
i think we just hung out in the apartment. Cool beans

trying to find friends via tumblr.

my roomie and i need to find friends. message me please? lol

august 29th

I have yet again, another day off except this time all by myself! all of my sweet mates have work.
SO I spent the day cleaning up and tidying the apartment. I headed out to the Magic Kingdom late afternoon just to go to the parks by myself. Oh boy. I was so awksauce being alone. lol i need friends.
I got my photo taken at just the perfect moment in front of cinderella castle as the fireworks were going off for the castle show BUT THEYRE NOT ON MY PHOTOPASS!!! i emailed them but haven’t heard anything from them!!! They better show up. Pleaseee. i wanna see them!
Also I met Princess Tiana and Naveen and it was so beautifulllll
I went on jungle cruise and pirates all by lonesome self but it was fun!
then i saw the the magic the memories and you which is unbelievablely stupendous. I cried. No shame. Standing by myself and tears streaming down my face. Don’t care. I was happy. THEN WISHES! gone. i was just tears. I can’t. Fireworks always get me man. plus whoever the kid is thats singing is so precious and thats what really gets me.
after wandering around the mking like a creep for a while i headed out and on my home. kassey brought us home a friend! guysss we made a friend! he was cool and he was skipper on the first night of being here!!! it was sweet!

august 28th

whoops I’m a lil late. Whatever this is for me anyways! I just wanted to share with others too! Ok so I had online training early in the morning. However I had to dress up all business like and go to the computer lab at casting services. Afterwards I headed home and had lunch. Steph was home so we headed out to the magic kingdom for some fun even though it was suppose to rain bullets.
Then we went on the jungle cruise to see the lovely Skipper Kassey but she was no where to be seen! After we wandered around and went on the Haunted Mansion and then headed out to meet up with Steffie and Kassey. ALMOST FORGOT. ok after HM it was pouring! extremely so we ran away. lol and then we went out.
Property Control is amazing like cheap merch but still ok! sort of… if you’re lucky. its just a pain to find. We kept missing Steffie and Kassey all day! after property, we headed over to Hollywood studios!
Then the rain came. Well sort of, we made it in the park and over to backlot food before it started to storm majorly. So we went on star tours to wait for S&K. GUISESSS I WAS THE REBEL SPY!!! it was so cool! they knew it was me!!! omg i was honored!!! after the storm had picked up and neither of us had rain gear. We ran across hollywood just embracing the rain and heading for center. in the end we ended up in Walts exhibit. the rain eventually let up and we peaced out of there and headed for the great movie ride and then out to go home. we never met up with S&K! finally back at the apartment and snug for the night. i think? i don’t remember

august 25

today was a laid back kind of day before training tomorrow. So then lazy breakfast / lunch. Then off to the outlets to kill time. Unfortunately there was a major sale at America Eagle so BAM here comes a new wardrobe.
I finally had time to call and catch up with the lovely kayla and i miss her so much!
Next it was off to EPCOT. we literally ran right on to Space Ship Earth and it was so beautiful. After we headed off to the world showcase to see the beautiful foxes around the world… um i mean the countries….. lol So we started at Canadia and walked around the world. We saw Winnie the Pooh & Tigger and Mary Poppins and Sleeping Beauty! We ate dinner at Japan and had dessert in Norway. Also right before illuminations, we went on the Maelstrom!! also illuminations was amazing!!! I love the music so much!!! ok then we headed home and now were all chilling in our apartment and talking about stuff. ok sweet dreams my friends! :*

august 24

ok so its a friday and i was up and moving by like 7:30. I had breakfast the madre at perkins. She was leaving friday night so it was my last time to see her before she left. She came back to the apartment and she gave me presents and such. Then Steffie and I bounced on over to MAGIC KINGDOM and went on philharmagic and space mountain before peacing because it was so hott! then nap time at the apartment while waiting for kassey to get out of training. around 8:30 we went off to the magic kingdom again! this time all four of us. we got there pretty late so we only had time for space mountain and big thunder mountain railroad again. let me break this down for you. space mountain we were on line next to this six year old boy and his dad and the boy just flirted it up with us! he was absolutely positively sooo adorable! he was telling us facts about space and dinosaurs and aliens and showing us magic tricks. then on thunder mountain we hit it at just the right time. it was 10:11 when we popped out to the mountain and saw fireworks just filling the sky right about us! WISHES!!! RIGHT OVER OUR FACES!!! IT WAS SO ELECTRIFYING!!!! then no extra magic hours for cast members so back to our apartment and sleepy time for all!


august 23

holy moly waking up at 5 o clock just to get ready by 6:30. Business outfit and ballet flats cause heels are a no go. All of us (except for steph) peaked out on the bus before the sunrise. we arrived at Disney University around 7:15 and were sent off to our classrooms. We were all separated.
Ok traditions was uhhhhmazinggg. i made some nifty friends and hopefully i shall see them again. but seriously every video i was almost crying cause it was mad early and just so b e a u tiii ful. then in the middle SOUUPRISE visit to magic kingdom! we went underground in the tunnels and saw the castle from the underside. and then we walked up main street and head back to DU. we then went over some more disney history stuff and THEN ANOTHER SOUPPRISE!!! MICKEY MOUSE CAME FLYING INTO THE ROOM!!! HE HAD PRESENTS AND HUGS AND KISSES FOR ALL OF US!!! then he left but then we still had more stuff to go over. The final video was so many emotions and then NAMETAGS. I HAVE A NAME TAG!

after traditions we bounced back to the apartment and had lunch / a three hour nap while wanting for steph to be done with traditions.OMG AND BC CAME OVER!!!! awksauce to the extreme. When she came back we headed off to the MAGIC KINGDOM! we parked in zurg and monorail trip over and we were there! we were home!! we met up with stephs super cool friends that were already here and we ventured all over the kingdom. Haunted Mansion. Pirates. Jungle Cruise. and Big Thunder Mountain. OMG GUISE WATCHING WISHES FROM BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN WAS AWESOME!!!! then we tried to bounce but the lines were mad long. and then we went to wendys which was a dumb idea. so sleep time after that

august 22

waken up around 9-10ish
lazy morning breakfast and getting ready
11ish off to a tea party at vista wayyy where we met alice and the mad hatter. we stood in line twice for mary poppins and she left us before we made it to the front. so i chased her down the street. there was free chicken nug and other tasty snacks. we jammed to some crazy hip music.
around 1 we went over to casting. Casting called me on the 21 and told me my background got cleared BUT they were switching my role from QSFB to custodial. SO today we went over there to see why this happened. They told me my background check said i couldn’t be around money which is weird. so the lady was very helpful and looked around again. saw that i was completely clean and switched me back! so every things backs to normal now
kassy, steph and i hung out in our apartment just chillin until 4 when we went to dolla tree and walmart.
we cooked our own dinner! well i had a salad but still! and then we gossiped over BC and his foxy life. i talked to jordan on the phone and decided our names would be cuter as jflo and jfresh. boom beautiful lololololol.
ok sleep at 11 cause I’m awake mad early for traditions!! HOLLA

august 21 

slept till about 9ish
10- headed over to casting so sweet mate could change her paperwork stuff
11- breakfast at earl of sandwiches / chilling in downtown / looking at pins

11:54 crying over the children at the bippity boppity boutique
12:30 at the commons for housing meeting
1 meeting for housing. talked about rules of living here. whats expected of us. where to find information and help when its needed
4- shopping
5 first time at IKEA and so wonderful. i got a cutesy comforter/duvet thing and a snazzy lil shower curtain. pictures/ tour of the apartment of wonderfulness. also i want this fellow

8 food shopping and target shopping
9 snuggling into home with the best sweeeeet mates in da world
peace out girl scouts I’m sleepy

check in day

5:30 am wake up adventures slash over to vistaaa wayyy
6:30 on line and ready to go with the sweeet mates
by like 8 we were on the prowl over to check in inside of vista. we were about half way through the line. then we went on through check in around
8:30 already half way through check in
9:12 officially checkin. living in chatham and car all set and keys. we got nifty lil totes with a program guide. hung out with sweet mates until 11
11:30 bus over to CASTING

12 what a beautiful bus tour guide
12-2 paperwork at casting and all that jazzy stuff. hints: bring snacks, water, and folder. they are necessary. it was lots of fun, very helpful and kind
3-7 shopping with the madre for apartment and then got her to the airport for her car rental
9 headed over to the polynesian for dinner at the kona cafe!! well, we had dessert. we all got a kona kone and it was delicious

11 headed back to apartment and passed out early

im so happpy

i can’t. so many emotions. post tomorrow morning

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Check in and all that tomorrow morning!!!! time for sleep cause getting up mad early tomorrow!!

oh my goodness!!! I’m sooooo excited to be checking in!!